There are a LOT of questions that most people have when they are considering a blog writing service for their website.

I’ve put the most common questions in the FAQ section below and broken out a couple of the common questions above the FAQ.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, email me your question, and I’ll respond, or we can set up a time for a quick chat.

Question: What is Website Blog Post Writing?

Website Blog Post Writing is how the written content on your Website’s Blog Posts is created.

For example, if you have a flower business, then the “written and image content” on your Website’s Blog Posts needs to be written in such a way that the “most common words and phrases” (we call these “Keywords”) are used appropriately throughout each Blog Post.

The wording of the Title is shockingly critical!

Neil Patel, a world-renowned marketing guru, discovered:

  • 8 out of 10 people will read a headline
  • But only 2 out of 10 will read the rest of the article

Neil stated that a great writer should spend 1/2 of their time writing a persuasive headline as they spend on writing the article.


Neil went on to prove that:

  • A title that starts with a number gets the most reads.


  • 5 Best Flowers for a Date

It gets more reads than:

  • Best Flowers for a Date

But did you know that:

  • 5 Best Flowers for a Date
Will rank “higher” than:

  • 6 Best Flowers for a Date

The human brain will pick an odd number and is a better choice than an even number (when the numbers are close).

Weird huh?

These are just a few of the many things a great writer has to both know and craft to write a #1 ranking article.

Question: Is SEO Important in Blog Post Writing?


SEO is short for “Search Engine Optimization.” This is a techy phrase that means that for your website to “Rank High” (meaning to rank on the first page of any search result), the written and image content on your website has to be “better” than any of your competition.

This also means that it is more important than the Google Search Engine to believe your Blog Post content will be more useful to a visitor than any of your competitors.


Question: How Do my Blog Posts Help Get My Website to Rank on Page 1 of Search Results?

It is hard to get ranked on page 1 of any Google search results. 

Google uses thousands of “signals” to decide which page will be the #1 result in any search.

This makes it effectively “impossible” for an unskilled person to build their websites by themselves and expect potential clients to “discover” their product and services.

Our job is to learn what those “signals” are that the Google search engine (as well as Yahoo, Bing, etcetera)  are looking for and write the best copy possible to help each of your website pages. Blog posts rank as high as possible on the most common “keywords” that a user would be looking for to “discover” your product or service.

Now no one can promise you that you will rank #1 for your blog post’s top keywords, including us.

We can promise that we will write great copy focusing on the keywords that your clients most often will use when searching for your products and services.

Still, it will take time, several months at least, to move you from the “unknown” (page 10+) to discoverable (page 1-2).

In addition to great written copy and images on your website and blog posts, it will also take more to move you up the Google ranking.

You will want to take the high-quality blog posts and share them on as many social media channels as possible where your potential clients spend their time. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

Why? Because another Google “signal” is looking for your “brand” on all the social media platforms. If Google only sees you on your website, you are not as “important” as your competition, which may be on many social media platforms.

These blog posts will need to be written about your products and services that are the potential “solutions” to your potential clients’ challenges that they search for on Google Search.

Frequently Asked Questions

Blogs are how you communicate your solutions to your potential clients challenges.

Your blog answers to their challenges is how potential clients “Discover You”.

The platform Hubspot reports the Blogs are one of the top 3 forms of media for interacting with potential clients and clients.

83% of traffic to marketing blogs comes from desktops. (SEMrush)

According to Yoast and many others, 300 words is the absolute minimum for Google to even consider for any SEO value.

High quality content can be made with 750 words, but needs to forgo “fluff”. 

1250 words and up of high quality content stands the best chance of ranking.

Search is the number one traffic source to blogs across all industries. (SEMrush)

But remember, there is a lot more than word count that goes into having your writings get a good SEO ranking on Google.


Seriously, having high quality content on your website is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do to help get your website/business “DISCOVERED”. 

Great SEO wording starts with your website page written words, but then continues with your Blog Posts. 

Remember, once you have created a valuable blog post on your website that answers one of those important burning questions that your potential clients have, you will be reposting the blog post on all of your social media sites. 


Per Blog Post: $250.00 up to 1250 words + $0.20 per word overage